Why Do Mattresses Come In A Box

Purchasing heavy and bulky materials for your home or office is difficult and what’s more difficult is their shipping. Heavy materials can be transported in large vehicles or trucks. Imagine getting a mattress delivered to your home in a large truck not because of weight but due to a mattress’s size. Seems weird? Yes, it is. Another concern is getting mattress dirty or deformed while shipping due to heavy loads shipped in the same truck. These problems may arise if you are buying mattresses traditionally. Traditional mattresses and their way of transportation are not very reliable. Here comes mattress in box companies to the rescue. These companies deliver your favorite mattress packed in a box, nicely folded, and vacuum boxes. This packaging keeps the mattress safe and retains its original shape, and is not deformed even if transported to far off places. Here we will discuss a few reasons why mattresses come in a box and why mattresses in a box company are becoming famous. Few main reasons why these mattresses come in a box include that this kind of packaging is safe for a mattress and can easily be transported to far-off places.


The primary concern of shipping or selling a mattress in a box is the safety of a mattress. Mattresses can be kept safe in a box. These mattresses are nicely folded and tightly packed in a vacuum box. This box keeps the mattress safe while traveling or delivering your mattress at your door. Open mattresses only covered in plastic sheets are exposed to atmospheric dust and sharp foreign objects, which can harm the mattress’s surface. So the primary concern of transporting mattresses safely at your place is taken care of by them.

Easy Transportation

When mattresses are not packed in a box or traditionally transported, mattresses are tough to move from one place to another. First of all, you need a large size truck to carry a bulky mattress, and then you cannot take other things in the same truck with the mattress that can harm the foam or surface of a mattress. Now the risk of getting your mattress deformed is still there. Mattresses that come in a box takes significantly less space and can be transported in a car. It is effortless to accept the package anywhere you want.

Lighter and Takes Less Space

Mattresses that come in a box have one more unique benefit, they are lighter in weight and takes less space than the traditional mattresses. You can keep an extra mattress in your cupboard in case you need it when guests come over. It is easy to set up and takes less space in your room. You can easily adjust it to your wardrobe. In case you have to shift a house, you don’t have to bring a large-sized vehicle or a truck to carry your mattress. You can pack it in its box and take it in your car.