What mattress suits your sleeping needs

It’s exciting to purchase a new mattress, especially if you haven’t bought since a long time. In just the past few years, science has evolved a lot, and new technologies are being introduced to help you find a perfectly fitting product according to your needs. Same is the case with mattress industry as you can find numerous types of variants that are designed for special comfort and needs.

However, sleeping on one of these best mattresses can cost a lot. Especially if you are looking for a best mattress for side sleepers then you must be ready to spend a handsome amount of money. Market is loaded with such great quality mattresses but to find a product that provides you best value of your money can be a bit tricky. Following are some best and well-known types of mattress that you may find perfect for your needs.


After listening the word “innerspring”, first thing that passes through our minds is jumping experience. These innerspring beds have specially designed metal coils inside them. These coils help your mattress to preserve its original form for a long time. Coils inside these mattresses are mostly made of steel and won’t bend anytime soon. Instead they adjust the mattress according to your body’s weight and came back to their original position after being vacant. Innerspring mattress are widely used in homes and it will not be strange if you have ever experienced the comfort of it.

Sometimes people find these standard springs a little bit uncomfortable or slightly unresponsive. To counter this problem, mattress manufacturers has introduced some enhanced variants of innerspring mattresses. Key features of these mattresses are that you can find them easily on any mattress store and can be transported easily from one place to another.

Natural Fiber Mattresses:

If you visited some mattress stores to find a new sleeping platform for yourself then you might have heard about the natural fiber mattresses. A natural fiber mattress is exactly what its name depicts about it. Inside these mattresses you can’t find any manufactured material like memory foam or metal coils. Instead, these mattresses are produced using natural fiber only. Best thing about these mattresses is that they are highly eco-friendly products. If you want to contribute towards our environment’s restoration, then investing in a natural fiber mattress can take you one step closer. However, you might have to make some bigger holes in your pockets because these naturally manufactured mattresses come with an expensive price tag. Natural fibers of organic cotton can last up to 15 years.

Memory Foam Mattress:

Foam mattress is a new breed of mattresses that comes with enhanced comfortability. In recent years, these mattresses have become a lot popular. Memory foam technology was first introduced in relaxation tools but now you can find them in your everyday sleeping mattresses. These mattresses are considered to be the best solution for people who suffer from back pain and other chronical problems. Most importantly if you are a side sleeper but can’t find comfort on a regular mattress then you can’t find anything better than a memory foam mattress.